Enjoying my 20's. Raised in Houston, Txbut living in Lafayette, LA. Very Catholic but this isnt exactly a Catholic blog. I queue 99% of my stuff. Oh, and i reblog people's selfies. its a hobby. 

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i cant stop fuckjng laughing

What’s that scent you’re wearing?


Catholic problems.

This is the opposite of a problem!


i want to kiss you and take cute pictures with you and go on stupid dates but I also want kill you for making me feel things

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Haha @techimmortal just posted this. Nothing has ever been more true!! I was just listening to it yesterday.

Haha @techimmortal just posted this. Nothing has ever been more true!! I was just listening to it yesterday.

romancatholica asked
¡¿Que tienes?!

Nada. Sólo que no tengo nada que hacer aquí en Luisiana y extraño mis amigos. :)


Good hair day documentation okay bye

Reblogging cus it’s my blog and if u got a prob with it, fight me!


Good hair day documentation okay bye

Reblogging cus it’s my blog and if u got a prob with it, fight me!

you know what? people say they only adopts these kids as publicity stunts, but just look at how happy that little cupcake is. rock on, brad and angelina. 

This os seriously adorable!

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romancatholica asked
Answer al the questions except for number 2 :)

really?!?! ur killing me!!! haha okay. fine. just cus i miss you lol and cus ur the second person after layingdownamess to basically do this….

  1. Cradle Catholic or Convert? cradle.
  2. Did you attend Catholic School or Public school? public
  3. How did your school affect your growth in the faith? obstacles made me stronger.
  4. What was the name of your first parish? that i remember… St Basil’s Byzantine Catholic Center
  5. What retreats have you attended? haha way too many@ jk a bunch really.
  6. What retreats have you served on? same! so many since hs
  7. What age were you Confirmed? 15
  8. What is your confirmation saint? i didnt get one
  9. Is there a saint you have a special connection or devotion to? Why? Yup. St Joseph for being the saint of Manhood and St Augustine because he knows the struggle for chastity.
  10. Do you serve a ministry at Mass? Not anymore.
  11. Which Mass do you usually attend? (Saturday, early Sunday, etc) Sunday mornings are best. usually 9.30 am.
  12. Organ or Piano? What instruments do you like to hear at Mass? both are great. just not electric  keyboard.
  13. What do the stained glass windows in your church depict? We dont have em at my current parish.
  14. What shape is your church? rectangle.
  15. Do you have padded pews in your church? nope.
  16. Does your church have carpet? nope.
  17. Does your church have a Crucifix as the focal point? Tabernacle as focal point. Crucifix at top of it.
  18. Is the Tabernacle in your church at the front or in a side chapel? smack middle.
  19. Does your church have a choir loft? yup. above the entrance. opposite of the Altar.
  20. Does your church have an school with it? nah.
  21. What is your favorite event that your church puts on? Home Parish is the Bazaars/Festivals
  22. Does your church offer communion in both species? Home parish yes, current nah.
  23. Do you take both species? if available, yes.
  24. Do you hold hands during the Our Father? Only when i know the person next to me, or when the person next to me makes the effort. I started NOT holding hands about a year ago. Nobody really holds hands in Louisiana.
  25. Do you kneel before Communion? After? again, yes. Stay kneeling till its my turn and remain kneeling after until the Hosts are placed in the Tabernacle and the priests sits.
  26. Do you light votive candles for prayers? not at home, but sometimes are churches.
  27. What church have you visited that impressed you the most? St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, LA. So beauts! so old school.
  28. Which church would you most like to visit? St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.
  29. Have you had a really awesome religious experience? every day =]
  30. Have you had a really terrible religious experience? every day! jk yes. but it goes with the daily struggles.
  31. Have you had a prayer that was answered just the way you’d hoped? lol i dont think so haha God dont like my plans.
  32. Have you had a prayer answered opposite the way you’d hoped and then it turned out to be awesome? only every day!
  33. When did you really feel awakened in your faith? Ive had a few throughout my life but August 5th 2006 was prob my biggest turning point.
  34. Who is your favorite out of the Holy Trinity? JK, this isn’t a real question. haha all is one. But i think The Holy Trinity as a whole doesnt get many shout outs. Each person individually does not much as a whole.
  35. Do you know someone who would make a great Catholic but isn’t? yup. probably my best friends since childhood.
  36. Do you know someone who has converted? i think a couple., but on line i do
  37. Do you know someone who is converting? yup. i think same person as above.
  38. Do you know someone who has fallen away?sigh….. so many.
  39. Do you know someone who has come back to the faith? yup! praise God!
  40. What is your favorite bible verse? prob 1 Timothy 4:12 and Matthew 27:46
  41. Grab your bible! Flip it open randomly. What’s a random verse on that page? nah . i never really liked doing this. The Bible is rich but must be used properly.
  42. Do you like contemporary Christian music? yup.
  43. Do you like Gregorian chants? yaaaaas!
  44. Do you go to Latin Masses? yes. I attend both Latin Novus Ordo and Tridentine. But as most know, im not too fond of the later. Latin Novus Ordo is deff my fave.
  45. Do you like the smell of incense? doesnt everyone?!
  46. What is your favorite Gospel? Luke prob.
  47. Have you ever visited a seminary? yup. a few actually. To discernment retreats and for personal prayer.
  48. Have you ever visited a monastery? yup. a few for personal prayer.
  49. Have you ever visited a convent? yup. same as monastery. For prayer.
  50. Will you answer these in my askbox? nah. imma post em publicly!



I went on a hunt to find a specific old photo, and ended up looking at all my pictures from senior year. We all look so young. I know it’s only been two years since then, but wow. Wow. 

Post em!!!! Throw backs always give me a good laugh!